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Petra Kump

Prof. and a Maser of Cosmetics

PETRA KUMP, prof. and a Maser of Cosmetics, born in Zagreb, owns the salon of the same name. After finishing the Faculty of Kinesiology, she worked as a professor at the school. In1994 she opened a salon, specializing in cosmetics and further in body and anti-aging treatments. She completed numerous educations and trainings in cosmetics.

In 1998 she became aromatherapist and importer of PRIMAVERA LIFE etrils.

2014 puts master's exam.
In 2015 she attended the Aikom Academy in Slovenia and acquired the title of  dermaesthetician.

She completed numerous educations on dealing with medical cosmetics ZO skin Health by Dr. Zein Obagi, Mesotherapy of the Facial and Body K. Surgery etc ...

Lifelong involvement in sports and love for aesthetics enabled her to get acquainted with healthy and natural ways to shape the body and maintain vitality.
She passes that to her clientele and treats them according to these principles.

In 2013, at the very beginning of the establishment of the Cosmetic Association of the Republic of Croatia, she became a member of UKRH.
In 2015 she got involved in the work of the Management Board of the Association of Croatian beauticians, and
In 2016 she became the President of the Association of Croatian beauticians.

Samanta Buić


Samantha completed her secondary education in 2002 in Pula. After finishing school, she starts working in the profession.

In her 18 years of work, she gained knowledge and experience in working with various preparative and apparatus cosmetics. Among other things, she was educated to perform medical and anti-cellulite massage, Brazilian and classical madero therapy, reflexology and other forms of massage.

In the Petra Kump salon, she started working in 2016, where she completed training for medical therapeutic cosmetics from California Dr. Zein Obagi, Guinot, Arkana and Dermalogica cosmetics, pedicure and manicure, facial mesotherapy K. Surgery, MCCM facial and body preparations. Numerous trainings for Mesoestetic chemical peels and mesotherapy have enabled high knowledge and safety in the application of various preparations.

By prof. Konforta completes training in manual lymphatic drainage according to Dr. Vodder, which treats areas affected by cellulite or lymph flow problems. Manual lymphatic drainage of the face and body after cosmetic procedures helps clients recover faster after surgery.

She treats the problematic skin of young people with a lot of patience.
She has also worked as a make-up artist in theater, beauty pageants and music videos.


Kristina Gržibovski Bošnjak


Cheerful and caring Kristina finished in 2012 the Natural Sciences and Mathematics school Vladimir Prelog, course cosmetologist.

Upon completion of high school, she immediately started working in the profession.

She is familiar with the basics of dermatology, microbiology and various preparative and apparatus treatments in cosmetology. Technical skills include complete face and body care, all types of waxing, various massages, pedicures and manicures, and eyelash extensions.

In 2018, she joins the team of Petra Kump salon, where she continues her further training to work on various body devices, such as OXIFAT PLUS, radio frequency, ultrasound, cavitation, vacuum, etc.

Educations for face with GUINOT treatments, treatments with DERMALOGICA cosmetics, educations for Mesoaesthetic chemical peels and mesotherapy give complete competence for performing complex facial and body treatments.

She completes numerous trainings for various massages, such as madero therapy and very current and effective Brazilian madero therapy, reflexology, gestal massage .....




Smile, pleasant communication and talent are Lorena's qualities.

Although young, already has a lot of experience in her hands, which she gained by practicing in our salon during schooling for beautician.

She works various massages, such as classical and relax massages, and Brazilian madero therapy.

Wax and sugar paste depilation treatments are performed quickly, in detail and safely.

Facial care, nail care, shellac manicure, and foot care work in its gentle and effective way.


Dr. Maria Škornjak

Medical and cosmetic treatments

Dr. Maria Škornjak MD graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zagreb. After the faculty, she completed her studies of forensics, direction forensic chemistry and molecular biology, doctoral studies in nutrition science and specialist postgraduate study in dermato-pharmaceuticals and medical cosmetology at the University of Zagreb.

She attended numerous postgraduate trainings in preventive, regenerative, aesthetic and anti-aging medicine at home and abroad and she is a licensed physician educator for K-Surgery Medical & Cosmetic, MCCM Medical Cosmetics, Love CosMedical aesthetic and anti-aging medicine for the Adriatic region.

The area of ​​her interest is preventative, regenerative and anti-age medicine, as well as influence of nutrition and physical activity on slowing down the aging process.

She is available to the clients of the salon Petra Kump for advice on non-invasive treatments in the fields of medical cosmetology, anti-aging and nutrition.

Alma Bunić


ALMA BUNIĆ, B.Sc. nutritionist, wellness manager, physiotherapist

Graduated from the Faculty of Food and Biotechnology in Zagreb.

She intensively creates weight loss menus for JUDO clubs, tennis clubs, individual young football players and people with certain health problems. She has also been creating menus for celebrities and athletes since 2007. Alma is involved in measuring fat tissue, by means of one of the most accurate methods: 7-points Skin Fold Caliper. She also performs a microscopic live blood cell analysis via Darkfield method.

Then she extends her field of action to Biorezonance and completes her education in Budapest. She performs examination through bio-resonance Imaging Sensory Imaging - Determination of organ changes based on cell information and determination by the same method of intolerance and microorganisms in the body.

She offers the salon clients counseling in the field of nutrition, proper nutrition, and offers a special discount offer.

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Dr. Mladen Frntić

Doctor of dentistry

Graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Zagreb. He opened his private practice in 2002 and continuously invested in acquiring new knowledge in implantology and prothetics. He acquired further knowledge through working trainings and congresses at home and abroad. In his practice, he emphasizes the individual approach to each patient, detailing the therapy and taking care of achieving optimal results in the function and aesthetics of prosthetic works.
The world-famous producers of implant systems recognized his work and presented him numerous awards outstanding work and continuous education. He is favored among patients because of his good humor, individual approach and expertise in solving the most complex cases. He is a permanent member of the Croatian Dental Chamber.

For the clients of the salon, the medical practice Frntić grants a free first examination with diagnostics and in individual consultations it provides the optimal solution for bring the smile back to their faces.