Dietary guidelines

Rules of diet

A healthy body is just the matter of reasonable choice and faith to do the best for yourself. The Motive is the most important. When you find the right motive and when you are sure about it, you have a much greater chance of succeeding. The basic motive for moving into action is the desire to be healthy and to achieve the look you will be satisfied with.


You know when you are satisfied with your appearance, you can do everything you want  in your  life with more success and energy, and that is what we aspire to.


I will mention several rules that guarantee for sure positive results, both in weight loss also in maintaining your proper weight. Of course, there is one latch, as always, and that is:




1. Do not sit on the table hungry. If the feeling of hunger is strong, it will be difficult to keep on a small portion. To avoid it daily, you must have at least 5 servings ( it can be more than initially).

2. Eat a little and often, avoid abundant meals.

3. Eat slowly with short breaks. It will enable your brain a time to register how the feeling of hunger decreases.

4.As soon as you become aware that the feeling of hunger no longer exists, quit eating.

5. Drink during meals. The liquid will fill the stomach and there will be less food.

6. Do not dine after 19.00. Let the evening meal be light and humble.

7. Drink two liters of liquid (water, tea) daily. This helps you rinse your waste materials from your body and maintain the necessary tissue moisture.

8. Less important WHAT you eat, than HOW MUCH you eat although it is important  what kind of food you intake.

9. It is not necessary to follow a particular diets, then to eat what you like (except  candies), but in less quantity. So your psyche will be at less burdened, and the implementation of the weight loss plan will be minimized.

10. DO NOT EXCEED the time period within  you want to achieve results,

because it burdens the psyche, and thus the results.



Perhaps some of these rules are not in line with medical or nutrition policies, but be SURE of keeping them in mind, so you will not have more body weight problems.


For advice and support, and for making the full program, please feel free to contact me, consultations are free.

I want you a lot of success in implementation of this plan.


Petra Kump