Dietary guidelines

Workout instructions

COSMETIC TREATMENTS in the salon (appliances, warming or dressing treatments, massages ...), in their specific way, help shape the body and lose centimeters in the desired places.


However, physical activity is an indispensable part of body shaping and weight loss programs.


Physical activity is combined alternately with COSMETIC treatments, one day training, another day treatments or massages. So a comprehensive program gives the best results.


With the cardio fitness program, it is also necessary to carry out the recommended reduced diet. 

Cardiopulmonary work enables achieving 2 goals, namely:

1.Fatty tisue removal and 2. Improvement of Cardiorespiratory Abilities.

In aerobics training on cardio devices, muscles perform rhythmic movements to raise the heart rate to a certain level. This is a training in which the heart pulse is 55% - 90% of its maximum value. This organism achieves a stable state between the intake and the oxygen requirement that we need in the production of energy for muscle work, which we use here for better and easier weight loss.

To remove a kilo, exercise in the zone 55% - 70% of the maximum pulse. It is a low level of exercise that allows long-term continuous training, but the better results are achieved by prolonging duration, rather than by increasing the intensity of exercise. The average person has a pulse of 60 to 70 beats per minute. Aerobic exercise should be done at least 3 x a week, minimum 40 min.

 Aerobic training gives many beneficial effects: - greater heart muscle strength - a lower pulse at rest, so the heart is less burdened - reduces the risk of heart attack and blood vessel sclerosis - Reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides - increases HDL (good) cholesterol - Increases the vital (respiratory) capacity of the lungs - Increases muscle tone and muscle fatigue - improves the psychological state (reduces tension caused by stress, - increases overall satisfaction for better appearance and relaxation at all)

The maximum heart rate is easily determined by the following formula:

220 years of life - max. heart rate

An example: A 40-year-old person wants a weight loss training with the help of aerobic training. Training is performed in the zone 60% - 70% of the max heart rate.

220 - 40 (years) = 180 180 x 0.60 = 108 180 x 0.70 = 126

The recommended training zone for this 40 years old is 108 to 126 beats per minute. The minimum duration of aerobic training is 12 minutes, which fakes time for the organism to activate the enzymes responsible for converting fat into energy. The highest level of energy utilization from fat stocks is after 30 min. of aerobic work. It can be trained 2 to 6 times per week, with increasing the duration and frequency of the training.

 As cardio training would not be boring, there are standard programs on the devices